Is it Time to Move into a Single-Story Home?

Barbie Brooksher
Barbie Brooksher
Published on November 15, 2021
Is it Time to Move into a Single-Story Home? | MyKCM

Once the kids have left the nest, you may be wondering what to do with all of the extra space in your home. Chances are, you don’t need four bedrooms anymore, and it may be a great time to sell your house and downsize, maybe even into a single-story home. You’ve likely gained significant equity if you’ve lived in your home for a while, so making a move while demand for your current house is high could be your best step forward toward the retirement goals you set out to achieve several years ago.

The dilemma, though, is where to go next. A big concern for many homeowners who are ready to sell is finding a home to move into, given today’s lack of houses available for sale. There is, however, some good news: the number of single-family 1-story homes being built today is on the rise, improving your odds of finding the right home for your changing needs. In a recent article, The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) explains:

“Nationwide, the share of new homes with two or more stories fell from 53% in 2018 to 52% in 2019, while the share of new homes with one story grew from 47% to 48%.”

Is it Time to Move into a Single-Story Home? | MyKCM

Here’s a map showing the breakdown of newly constructed homes being built by region, and the percentage of 1-story and 2-story homes in that mix:

What are the benefits of buying a one-story home?

Still not sure about buying a single-story home? An article from Home Talk covers several advantages of switching from two floors to one:

1. Energy Efficient

“It is easier to heat and cool a single-story house [than] it would be to regulate the temperatures of a multi-story house.”

Most single-story homes only need one heating or cooling unit, and they typically stay cooler than a two-story home, both of which can lead to significant savings.

2. Easier to Maintain

“Doing a general cleaning in a single story requires less effort and you will be able to see all areas that need cleaning and the areas are easily accessible.”

Cleaning and maintenance of a single-story home can take less time and effort, and better upkeep helps improve the overall value of the home.

3. Accessible for Everyone

“A single-story house can be accessed by anyone, whether they are young children or the senior citizens.”

If you’re looking for a house that provides a safe and easily accessible environment at any age, a single-story home may be optimal.

4. Good Resell Potential

“When buying a single-story house, you should consider the resale value should you think of reselling it in case of a circumstance that can happen. Look at the growth rate of that area. Due to the high demand of these types of houses it is [easy] to resell them and depending on the growth rate of an area, it increases in value significantly.”

Single-story homes have a lot of benefits and are often in higher demand. This bodes well for future resale opportunities.

Simply put, singlestory home plans offer incredible benefits for you and your family. From the day you move in your single-story home, and for years to come, you’ll enjoy the great resale value, a family- and mobility-friendly design, and how a single-story home accommodates all residents. Let’s go over the top 5 reasons to choose a ranch-style single-story home like this for your next build. We’ll also cover the hidden downsides to this type of home design for your single-story home. As always, please enjoy a showcase of some of our top-selling and newest single-story designs from

It really is the little things in life that make it all worthwhile, that make life manageable, and that brings the light into the little moments of your day in a single-story home. In a ranch-style single-story home, the laundry on the main level is a major bonus. Take a moment to consider the fact that you’ll never have to lug the vacuum up or downstairs again living in a single-story home. Heavy-footed children overhead won’t wake you from your beauty rest when you buy a single-story home. It really does come down to the little things – they make all the difference when investing in a single-story home!

There is always a market for family-friendly homes, and the demand for single-story home designs is big, too. Marrying these two sought-after single-story home plan features and resale won’t be an issue. So, whether you have a family to house now, or you’re considering your future finances, a single-story home makes a smart choice. Kid- and parent-friendly, a single-story helps parents to keep an eye on the little ones – even while doing dishes or getting a rare moment to relax. As a parent in a single-story home, I urge you to also check out our collection of split-bedroom designs; these homes allow parents to maintain their much-needed privacy in a single-story home.

When considering the features of your new single-story home, mobility is important to keep in mind. Luckily, the growing popularity of open floor plans means that many new and popular blueprints are mobility-friendly from the start. And if you don’t need to modify for accessibility, you can save money! Even if you don’t have an immediate need for a mobility-friendly single-story home, consider the fact that your needs may change over the years. An accessible house is fantastic for resale, too.

Tall ceilings add a touch of class to any room in a single-story home. The height allows for additional windows that bring more natural light to your space – a welcome addition to all homeowners. Single-story homes offer vaulted, cathedral, and other kinds of high ceilings that give those inside a sense of freedom, a sense of space to breathe and move. Mix all of this together and you’ll have a beautiful place to entertain, to live, and to enjoy.

Let your ceilings soar high and check out our collection of Vaulted Ceiling Home Plans in a single-story home. You’ll find that a lot of these houses are only one level!

Change is inevitable, so ready yourself for an ever-changing family and lifestyle by building a single-story home. No matter the single-story home you build, you’ll need to consider load-bearing walls. However, with no second story involved, wall removal and remodeling are much more affordable in ranch-style homes. Plus, you can add skylights much more easily – so let the light shine in!

When building a single-family home on land with a view, single-story home is usually a better option.

There is also something to be said about having a separation between living and bedroom spaces in a single-story home. In multi-level homes, it is common to have all of the family bedrooms upstairs, while the main floor has rooms for gathering such as the kitchen, dining, and living rooms compared to a single-story home. This can be beneficial, as daily mess is kept out of sight of unexpected guests. The good thing about single-story homes, you can see everything.

Many older individuals rely on a walker or wheelchair for mobility in a single-story home. For these people, a single-story home ascending and descending stairs is at best a struggle and at worst an insurmountable obstacle. Single-story home plans are perfect for aging in place because they allow freedom of movement at any age. Indeed, the elderly aren’t the only ones for whom stairs can be a challenge. Young children also do better with a single-story home design. The older adult population can have great difficulty with staircases, and if you want to buy a single-story home you can live in for a long time, you will need to consider the challenges of climbing stairs to a second-floor bedroom. You always have an elevator or chair lift installed later in life but this modification can be costly. With a little foresight, you can decide if it’s worth it to have a second story even though it will likely present a problem later. Similarly, a staircase can be hazardous for toddlers who are just learning to walk or crawl. Depending on how many children you have or plan to have, a second story may be necessary to gain the additional square footage in the future. Having stairs in your home may pose a potential danger to your small children, but investing in a baby gate is an easy way to make the stairs safer, but a single-story home would be beneficial.  Always choose the best choice for your family when it comes to how many stories. Also, a single-story home typically has more storage space compared to condos and other types of property with shared walls. A single-story home is best for families who prefer a huge yard and plenty of room to spread out. Others still prefer a low-maintenance condo or townhome that includes benefits like landscaping, snow removal, and exterior maintenance

Single-story Homes Provide Easier Escape
In the case of a fire, single-story home is always easier to escape than its multi-level counterparts. Should doorways become blocked, it’s easy to utilize first-floor windows and safely climb out without jumping from a dangerous height in a single-story home. In a multi-level home, smoke from a fire downstairs will rise quickly to the second floor making it difficult for you to see as you make your way from bedrooms to staircases, and move through to the outside doors compared to a single-story home. In a single-story home, you can leave doors shut, giving you more opportunity to break free from a window and escape with less harm to you and your family.

Also, single-story home is easier to clean. You don’t have to worry about walking upstairs and downstairs cleaning living in a single-story home. With a single-story home, it’s not only easier to clean, but it’s also cleaner because it requires less effort to get the job done. You don’t put off tomorrow what only takes minutes to do today. You can easily see the entire area that needs cleaning in a single-story home and have everything you need to access it readily. Aside from high ceilings, there isn’t much standing in your way to keep it spotless all the time in a single-story home.

Moreover, maintenance is generally easier with a single-story home plan. Even if you’re a spry octogenarian who doesn’t mind climbing stairs, you’ll likely find it difficult to maintain the exterior of upper stories compared to a single-story home. With a single-story home plan, you’ll be able to access all areas of your home with a ladder—a definite advantage.

Easily one of the largest pros when it comes to purchasing a single-story home is the safety that it can provide. Whether this is for toddlers learning to walk, elderly family members navigating a steep staircase, or just day-to-day chores such as hauling a laundry basket, without stairs, your single-story home is automatically easier to navigate and can lead to fewer potential falls or accidents.

Bottom Line

There are many benefits to downsizing into a one-story home. Doing so while demand for your current house is high might make it easier than ever to make a move. Let’s connect if you’re ready to purchase the single-story home you need while homes are so affordable today.

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