Isle of Palms Real Estate Guide

Isle of Palms – Where the living is perfect!

The reasons to live in the Isle of Palms community are many – your Isle of Palms Real Estate Guide will tempt you with the top five: location, climate, cost of living, things to do, and community vibe!

Location – Location – Location:

This community is within the Jacksonville city limits. With a metropolitan population of nearly 1.5 million, the Isle of Palms population is about 5,000. The community is pretty much due east of downtown Jacksonville (15-minute drive) and is located on the Intracoastal Waterway. The Jacksonville airport is about a 30-minute drive. With the community “bordered” by Interstate 90 to the north and J. Turner Butler Blvd to the south, as well as San Pablo Parkway on the west – it is an easy jump to get anywhere! Most homes in the community have lot lines with a canal system, so boats are also a prevalent way of transport (you will need a car for the metro area – lots of land to cover). A slew of beaches within minutes – sun, sand, waves, and all things “beach” await! Here are a few favorite beaches:

Climate – yes, it is Florida!

Not to brag, but Jacksonville really does have the best weather in the state! It is seriously beautiful here all year long. Your Isle of Palms Real Estate Guide loves the “big plus” about how this tropical paradise sits in a perfect spot that avoids most hurricane activity (last one was in the 1960’s). With a good 221 days of sunshine a year – fun in the sun is always happening.

Cost of Living – Jacksonville for the win!

Current stats show the overall cost of living here to be about 94% of the average (100%), the biggest attribute to the lower cost is housing! The Isle of Palms Real Estate Guide does remind that the Isle of Palms community is considered a high-end/luxury community where the median home value is around $500K.

Things to do – again, Jacksonville is winning!

SO MUCH going on! And as your Isle of Palms Real Estate Guide, we will point out some highlights here:

Downtown Jacksonville is steeped in history and up-to-date amenities. The Great Fire of 1901 destroyed the city – with great planning and determination Jacksonville, dubbed “River City”, rebuilt. The time period of reconstruction leads to many types of architecture, with a leaning toward several mid-century influences. The strategic location of the city with waterways and the Atlantic Ocean give-away the city skyline with several beautiful bridges. Another cool feature downtown is the Riverwalk, a total of 5.6 miles of walkways, shops, restaurants, and excellent people watching.

Parks are everywhere! 111,000 acres of parks – making Jacksonville home to the largest urban park system in the country! Well, another reminder about the great weather here – you have every reason to enjoy the outdoors and the parks and recreation in the metro.


Sports are prevalent around these parts! College athletics are huge attention getters with loads of both Seminoles and Gators fans in the area – making for great rivalry fun. For professional sports, Jacksonville Jaguars (get some teal and black game gear ready) are prime attention getters. As with many parts of the state, this area is a golf mecca. Yep, more than 70 courses in the metro area! Your Isle of Palms Real Estate Guide always favors the beauty of the area and golf courses are no exception, check out this list of the most picturesque ones in the metro.

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